Drupal 8 related taxonomy contextual filter on nodes for a views block

For 2 nodes labeled with the same taxonomy, configure a block to show content tagged with that taxonomy. Example: If you have a node tagged with the taxonomy shirts and you want to show a block that would display a related shirt. Create a block to display related content tagged by taxonomy using views.

Create a block view with the appropriate Filter Criteria: Content Type etc... Under the Advanced menu add two contextual filters.

  <lh>Contextual Filters - Content: ID</lh>
  <li>Select provide a default value and choose Content ID from URL.<p class="gray">this does what it does</p></li>
  <li>Under More tab - Check next to Exclude<p class="gray">this does what it does</p></li>

  <lh>Contextual Filter - Content: Has taxonomy term ID</lh>
  <li>When filter is not available - Provide a default value - Taxonomy term ID from url</li>
  <li>Uncheck, load default filter from term page</li>
  <li>Check, Load default filter from node page, that's good for related taxonomy block</li>
 <li>Multiple value handling:&nbsp;<strong>Filter to items that share any value</strong></li>
 <li>Check, Reduce Duplicates</li>
 <li>Under more tab check:&nbsp;<strong>Allow multiple values</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Allow multiple values to work together.</strong></li>


Now I have 2 nodes that are labeled with the same taxonomy as the node being viewed as a footer.