Drupal Module Development Basics: Create a voteapi module

Create a single vote in a drupal module.

VotingAPI docs are out of date. votingapi_set_vote() has been removed in Drupal 8.

What should I use in its place to programmatically set votes (for instance in a migration)?

use Drupal\votingapi\Entity\Vote;

$vote = Vote::create(['type' => 'vote']); // this comes from /admin/structure/vote-types
$vote->setVotedEntityType('node'); // entity type
$vote->setVotedEntityId($nid); // node id
$vote->setValueType('points'); // this comes from /admin/structure/vote-types
$vote->setValue(1); // the number of points given per vote
$vote->setOwnerId($uid); // the user id of the person who casted the vote
$vote->setCreatedTime($timestamp) // timestamp of when vote was casted (optional)
// it will use the current time if you don't include it


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(function ($) {
    "use strict";
    Drupal.behaviors.ThisIsWhatExactly?? = {
        attach: function (context, settings) {

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