Currently I am the Drupal developer for Coupa software in San Mateo. I am happy to be leveraging all of the power of Drupal in a new site build.


The Pendergast Years | Kansas City in the Jazz Age & Great Depression. Tom Pendergast was a Democrat and Kansas City political boss who's corruption was legendary.

The Penderast Years site features advanced SOLR search to expose the metadata to use as navigation. One of my favorite collections using metadata navigation is Jazz musicians of the era.

Deep Zoom functionality is used to allow inspections of historical documents. A favorite image of mine is The Plaza Dog Mart.

There is no better way to improve the health of your soil than leaf compost.

The Compost Hero project seeks to show how easy it is to create a great garden by using the Compost Hero system to turn your fall leaves into high quality leaf compost mulch.


Website redesign & Drupal migration.

The upgrade of the website was an opportunity to create a more flexible and responsive user interface. Library services were organized into a more appropriate and understandable interface. The new site is now fully responsive.

Usability and User Interface Design Management
Extensive user testing was done after the site was designed and was widely regarded as understandable and easy to use by all focus groups.